The FlowBlog solicits input from a wide variety of individuals–some of whom work at Flow and others who are customers. We value the knowledge and expertise our employees and customers provide and hope to be able to transfer that knowledge onto you, our readers, in a meaningful way.

Meet Chip Burnham, our main contributor…


Simply put, Chip Burnham is a waterjet guy. With a waterjet addiction he can’t shake; Chip has created, engineered, marketed, and educated others about waterjet since 1985. He is a published author on waterjet technology and holds numerous patents. Prior to joining Flow in 1989, Chip received a M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. Chip managed the waterjet laboratory while at University, where he conducted extensive research on the (then) brand-new technology, the abrasive waterjet.

Today, Chip continues to push the boundaries of waterjet technology as a Vice President at Flow, spreading the word of waterjet greatness to anyone he can. Including you.

Conversations with Chip often end with one clear statement “Waterjets are cool.”

Want to know why? Just ask him.