A filter is a filter is a filter…..right? In our next post by Tim Fabian, we discuss how to choose the right filters for your pump. Now, to Tim.

A filter is a filter is a filter…..right? Not so fast.  There are so many types of filters available today it is hard to understand what all the differences are.  The important thing to remember though, is that not all will work well with your pump.  Just like the cleanliness of the water we drink needs to be clean to sustain our good health, a filter that doesn’t stop the bad stuff from getting into your pump is bad for its health too.  Even filters that have the same nominal micron value aren’t always created equal.

Historically, at Flow we used the same filter for many years. A few years ago, we tested a host of different types of filters, with the goal of looking at the latest and greatest….more specifically, the ones that would last the longest and achieve the best results in an ultrahigh-pressure application.

What we found is that some filters, including the ones we were using for many years, started out of the gate doing exactly as they were meant to – filter out particulate of a certain size.  As time went on the filter would get restricted with debris, performance would decrease along the way, and the filter would eventually need to be changed.   Interestingly, we found a filter design that improved in performance over a period of time, allowed even better filtration than the nominally rated value – without inhibiting flow rate, and ultimately provided far better filtration over a long period of time.  As a result, we made the switch and the Genuine Flow OEM Filters we use today are a significant improvement over those used just a few years ago.

Through this testing, we also found some filter designs that released exceptionally small strands of fiber into the water.  Others would fail in a manner that released an influx of dirty, filtered material into the water.  In both these cases as well as others, we saw premature failure of very expensive components directly tied to the wrong filter being used.  Items such as pump plungers, seals, and orifices were all impacted by a relatively inexpensive filter.

The thing to take away from this is that the filters you buy from Flow are designed very specifically for your pump.  There is great deal of science and testing involved to ensure that this filter will provide optimal, reliable operation for your machine.  Nobody would take chances drinking potentially harmful, dirty water and your pump is no exception.  Be sure to give it the only the cleanest water, through the right Genuine Flow filters, and in return it will thank you with a long and productive life.

Thanks for reading.
Tim Fabian


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